Soccer 11 Welcome!

SOCCER 11 is licensed agency in transfers of footballers whose activities are also included in the complete care of the football career of our players.

Our agency is represented by ADRIAN ALIAJ, licensed agent. His 15-year professional football career in European clubs and the national team, knowledge of 5 languages, and numerous contacts and acquaintances in the world of football is a guarantee for the highest mobile business cooperation!

Therefore our motto is: TALENT - STRENGHT - SPEED - VISION - HARD WORK . Let your career goes sky high.


Players are not just continuing numbers for the employees at SOCCER11. There is no difference in status or level of playing – the players are all equal. Right from the start, we emphasise the respectful cooperation with their families, because we care about opinions of their immediate environment. Together as a team, we wish to build up confidence – nothing runs without confidence.

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